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Plan your future today. With inspiring questions your future suddenly becomes tangible and makes your next steps visible for the next years.

The ideal gift for all 15 to 50 year olds, singles and couples, this vision planner is an ideal guide to the future.

      • To see your own future in 20 years is often easier than to look into the future for the next 5 years. However if you want to achieve certain goals in 20 years, you should already make some decisions today to be able to achieve them at all.

        Whether you already have your vision in your mind or you see it as a game of thoughts – a new perspective opens up new possibilities. You will look into your future in an easy and playful way and you will get closer to your present life in 10 and 5 year steps. 

        This will give you clarity about what the next steps in your life can be to reach your vision in 20 years.
        Whether you're 15 or 50 years old, fill it out for yourself or as a couple. This vision planner is an ideal guide for the future. If you repeat it every year, you can always see if you are on the right path to the life you wish for and make yourself fulfilled and happy.

        1. Made in Germany
        2. 80 pages 
        3. 14,8 x 21 cm (DINA 5)

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