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Kostenloser 7-Tage-Online-Kurs

Lerne, wie du mit innerer Stärke deinen eigenen Weg gehst! ❤️

>Erhalte Weisheiten, Erkenntnisse und Tipps & Tricks, wie du deinen Weg gehen kannst.
>Wie du dich von der Meinung andere löst und in deine eigene Kraft kommst.
>Erhalte kraftvolle und teifgreifende Tipps & Übungen für dich

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What makes THE NEW YOU unique

Wo What is the difference to other planners and success- or mindfulness- calendars?
There are many planners and calendars where you can set your goals and which will help you to change your behaviour. But they don't go to the root - to your thoughts and what you unconsciously think and feel. And so you may be able to achieve success in the short term, but in the long term you will fall back into your old habits.

Have you often tried to change something in your life and you are somehow stuck?

With THE NEW YOU you will understand why you are the way you are and why you think the way you think. And you will learn exactly HOW you can change something and WHAT you can do. And the beautiful thing about it is that it can easily be integrated into everyday life.

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Self-care journal for new mums

Enjoying motherhood, with mindfulness and self-love

The self-care journal helps new mums to continue looking after themselves and stay in balance during this intense time, despite sleep deprivation & co.

By dedicating just 5 minutes a day to this journal, it will help you wind down, find little moments of happiness and recharge your batteries.

New Mum is on hand to keep your energy levels up and make your first steps into motherhood as smooth and enjoyable as possible, as mindfulness and relaxation are also perceived by your baby.

Developed by mums for mums.

Self-Care Journal

Nothing changes until you change yourself and then everything will change.