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Rewrite your destiny!

The Golden Book is more than a notebook - it is the script for your new life.
UK Customers: Due to the brexit we can only accept orders until 15.12.20! 
      • The shamans believe that every human being is born with two books: A golden and a silver book. 

        The silver book has already been written in its entirety. It contains your story, your life or you can also say your fate or your blueprint. But there is also the golden book and this book is blank. It gives you the opportunity to rewrite your destiny.

        When you become the author of the golden book, you stop following other people‘s stories and dreams and you stop playing the part in a script that you have not written.

        You become the creator of your destiny when you begin to take responsibility for what happens in your life.
        Start by rewriting the script of your life and take one step towards your new reality every day.

        This Golden Book should help you to create the life you love.

        What does it look like from the inside?
        After a short explanation about the Golden Book, all other inside pages are blank white.

        Of course you can also use the Golden Book as a normal notebook. But remember: What you write in it - will come true ;-)
        1. Made in Germany
        2. 160 pages - thick paper ( 120g)
        3. high-quality cover with gold
        4. Handy DINA 5 format
        5. blank pages
        6. two ribbon page markers

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