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Anwendungsbeispiele Monatsreflexion

Examples for monthly reflection

How wonderful that you are now starting with the calendar part! You have read the scientific part and filled the toolbox. That means that you have already taken time for yourself and dealt with yourself. Now it's about integrating these insights into everyday life and changing YOUR life!

Here you can find some examples of how it could look like. Be inspired and have fun exploring!

# Example Month 1

You would like to work on your overall stress level, finally get a project going and do more sports.

# Write the month in the top left corner.
# Then write 3 main goals for this month that you would like to pursue. Next to it in the field comes what you will do to achieve your goals.
# Often old or negative beliefs keep us from changing anything. Write down below your affirmation that will no longer limit you.
# On the right side you have the possibility to reflect at the end of the month. Which were my three greatest successes? What could I have done better?
# Below you can add what you would like to release yourself from and what made you happy. In this way you become even more aware of what you should focus on.
# At the bottom on the right you have space for EVERYTHING. Make a note of everything that comes into your mind. Maybe a quotation, a motto, a spontaneous thought ...
The ability to self-reflect enables us to put ourselves to the test and then plan how we can consciously change our behaviour. Be courageous and confident!


# Example Month 2

You have a clear primary goal this month... to live healthier. You also want to spend more time with your loved ones and get more qualifications. 

# At the top left you can enter the month.
# Then think about 3 goals for this month and write to the right what you have to do to reach them.
# Write down your new beliefs below, which will help you to put them into practice.
# On the right side you have enough space to reflect. First make yourself aware of your 3 biggest successes. Below you can summarize what you could have done better.
# Become aware of what you want to let go of and what is not good for you. Next to it write down your Happy Moments and what is good for you.
# At the bottom right you can let your mind run free ... just don't be shy!
Don't let your current life circumstances restrict you and don't limit your imagination! You will be tomorrow what you think today. - Buddha

Much joy with your NEW YOU!


Das Konzept
The Concept

What you can expect and how the THE NEW YOU is made up. Get your own impression!

Monthly Reflection

When you have read the scientific part and filled the toolbox, you can now start with the calendar part.

Weekly Reflection

After you have defined your monthly goals, you can now break them down into smaller weekly goals.