The Concept


THE NEW YOU is designed that you can face individual areas, such as your self-confidence, and it also serves for a complete new beginning in life. Because with every change in life there are four areas that need to be considered: CLARATY, LETTING GO, MOTIVATION and FOCUS.

In the first part of the book you learn the scientific findings and backgrounds for these 4 areas. This part is your reference book. You can read it two or three times and every time you read it, you take new insights for yourself. In the second part of the book, you apply the learned knowledge to your personal situation and develop your personal toolbox for the future. The calendar then helps you to integrate this into your everyday life and make it a new habit.

The book is made up of 3 parts and helps you step by step to get closer to the life you really want.

The four areas of change


Why it is important: In order to take a new path in life, you need to know where you are, what is important to you and where you want to go.

You're learning
> Why clarity is so important.
> How SELF CONSCIOUSNESS affects your life.
> Why you should look at all areas of your life.

The Practices
> You look at your life from a bird's eye view.
> You describe the vision of your desired life/your new ME.
> You carry out an inventory analysis and self-reflection about your life and look at the 12 areas of life. 



Why it is important: letting go of the old state of being and changing thoughts and habits are the foundations for changes to happen.

You're learning
> Why you think the way you think.
> How beliefs determine your life and what you can do to change them.
> How to detach yourself from external circumstances, reduce stress and build self-confidence.

The practices
> You uncover the thought patterns that have kept you from reaching your desires.
> You develop new affirmations and positive beliefs for your new ME. 



Why it is important: moments of happiness give you energy and gratitude for positive experiences lead to a better mood and optimism. This keeps you motivated to pursue your goals in the long term.

You're learning
> How you make the positive and the good visible in your life.
> How to gain trust in yourself and your future.
> How to increase your joy of life, get more energy and feel happier and more fulfilled.

The practices
> For all areas of life you create your Happy-Moments-List: Things that strengthen you and give you energy.
> With the Focus Wheel Exercise you can move from the negative to the positive optimistically, even with difficult topics.



Why it is important: Keeping the right goals set and the focus on them in everyday life enables you to get closer to your new life step by step every day.

You're learning
> How to formulate goals correctly and integrate them into everyday life.
> Why regularity is important and what 4 minutes a day can mean.
> How to visualize correctly and realize your dreams faster.

The practices
> Deep analysis of your focus topic to create a new state of being.
> You create your personal transformation plan.

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