Practical Tips


Always think about the fact that everything you do in life is done with the higher aim of being happy!

Of course, there will be times when life doesn’t seem to go as you’d hoped. There will also be days when you won’t spare this book a glance. Don’t worry about it and don’t be hard on yourself. Be patient with yourself and simply pick up where you left off. This book wants to support you; it is not there to make you feel guilty. It is important that you keep going and enjoy your successes in the long run.

Good luck on your wonderful journey of change!

Yours, Iris



  • In order to reflect, you need rest. So take your time, maybe turn off your mobile phone and other electronic devices. If necessary, ask your environment (e.g. your family) not to disturb you for this time. Maybe it will help you to say the goals out loud to feel if they are right.
  • Some use a pencil or erasable pencil. So you can let your thoughts run free and improve again and again. But you can also use thicker pencils at THE NEW YOU, because we have chosen extra high quality, strong paper.
  • Perhaps there are categories in the calendar that you can categorize into colors or mark with different signs. This way you can keep track of things and assign to-dos or thoughts more easily.
  • Often we only see the to-dos that are still unfinished or unachieved goals and lose sight of what we have already managed. For example, when you reflect on a month or a week, take a look at the things you've done, such as the goals you've achieved. So you always have in mind what you have already done and reached - and you can be proud of yourself.
  • Last but not least ... Always remember: you are you - and that's a good thing! Find the right style and the right speed for you. Be creative, courageous and also a bit crazy! Don't try to put pressure on yourself, you're sure to have enough. Try to enjoy the way to your NEW YOU and appreciate that you take time for yourself!


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